This clip of Louis CK discussing his theories on evolution is freely on YouTube, because he cut the bit from the final edit of his upcoming special, “Live at the Beacon Theater.” So sit back and enjoy it!

As he wrote in the YouTube description:

This is an excerpt or outtake from my new special “Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater” which will be available exclusively on my website¬†¬†starting on December 10th for 5 dollars via paypal. You can stream or download the special or both. It is only available on the site. This clip does not appear on the special. I feel very fat today.

OK. Roll the clip!

UPDATED: He went ahead and posted a second video clip that didn’t make the cut for his upcoming special. In this bit, CK jokes about the cruelty of having to shower with your seventh-grade classmates. It is, obviously, very Not Safe For Work. Roll it.