Ricky Gervais to return as Golden Globes host for 2012

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association decided to let Ricky Gervais take a third whack at them on live TV and bring him back as host of the Golden Globes in January 2012.

Gervais famously has made waves in his past performances by mocking not only the celebrities in the room, but also the HFPA itself. He had flirted with the idea of hosting his own alternative live-streaming commentary with his comedy buddies if he wasn’t hosting in 2012, but alas, he won’t have to. Unless he decides to invite the comedians onto the actual show and provide additional jokes on-air….hmmm….that sounds deliciously cheeky. Please do this.

In the meantime, Gervais was quick to Tweet about his return to the Globes, adding a photo of him with Oscars host Billy Crystal when he typed: “Just told Billy Crystal he’d better not use any of my holocaust or pedophile material at The Oscars. He agreed (true)

When CNN host Piers Morgan jumped in to pre-emptively ask for the first post-Globes interview with Gervais, the comedian agreed and said of his 2012 hosting gig, “It’s gonna be biblical”


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