Dane Cook ribs Daniel Tosh in video: “Dane.1 & Tosh.0”

Dane Cook and Louis CK may have buried whatever comedy hatchets they had toward each other in a very public way on CK’s FX show, Louie. But Cook still has a bone or two to pick with Daniel Tosh.

In a video he posted today to YouTube to promote his upcoming dramatic film, Answers to Nothing, Cook appears outside Napa, Calif., with someone he calls “Daniel Tosh.” Well, it’s a tall guy whom, if you squint your eyes as if the sun is in them, and put your hands over your ears, might sort of pass for a Tosh impersonator in a pinch. At any rate. The video, titled “Dane.1 & Tosh.0,” is described on his YouTube page by Cook as: “Two great tastes that taste great together. That sounded very homoerotic. I take that back. Two comedians spending a little time outdoors in beautiful Napa. Wow… also little to mancation.”

But it ends with Cook apologizing for Tosh, saying: “He’s funnier with the greenscreen.”

Roll the clip.

Of course, Tosh already has poked fun at Cook before. On his 2007 DVD, Completely Serious, Tosh has a joke that that got from the Comedy Central airing that mocked Cook. And once on his Comedy Central show, Tosh.0, he fielded questions from audience members about what celebrities he could beat up in a fight. Hearing Cook’s name, Tosh reportedly replied: “You’re not going to like this, but Dane Cook would beat me up… but it would be, like, really long and unoriginal.”

To be fair, that clip above is less than a minute long.

Do you take this as playful ribbing or something more?

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