Patrice O’Neal, 41, suffers stroke: status unknown

In a just world, the Comedy Gods weed out the no-talent hacks and leave the true voices to prosper. Alas, alack, we do not always live in a just world.

And so it is that the Comedy Gods are wreaking havoc on another of our true voices: Patrice O’Neal. Many of you woke up Wednesday as I did, learning that O’Neal, only 41, had suffered a stroke. We don’t know much more than that. And that is how our comedy peers and friends want it to be. Which cannot be good. A week after the fact, all we know is that he suffered a stroke, we don’t know how he is doing today, and all that his friends can muster is an email address to pass along our sentiments. None of that sounds good.

Even his official website produces only this statement: “Out of our love and concern for Patrice and his family, we ask that you please respect their privacy during this difficult time.┬áThe family wishes to thank all of his fans and public for their outpouring of prayers and well-wishes. We are all praying for a speedy recovery. If you would like to share your thoughts and prayers with Patrice and his family, send them to:” with links to the email — and his Facebook fan page.

Does Patrice have health insurance?

Would it help to raise funds for him?

What should people who care about his well-being do???


This is Jim Norton, Rich Vos, Robert Kelly and Keith Robinson discussing Patrice O’Neal’s stroke on Wednesday’s episode of Opie and Anthony on the Sirius XM satellite radio. Which means they can curse. And also laugh at weird moments. Roll the clip.

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