Comedians advice for new stand-up comedians: From the Laugh Factory

A lot of aspiring comedians ask me for advice on getting into the business, and I remember from my own experiences in Seattle, those early days and nights when I would hope for a chance to corner each weekend’s headliners at the Comedy Underground and Giggles for some one-on-one conversation and advice. But those were the old days.

Now we have YouTube, and the Laugh Factory in Hollywood can just ask a bunch of their regular comedians on your behalf. Featured here is words of comedic wisdom from Harland Williams, Deon Cole, Elon Gold, Darren Carter, Jim Tavare and others. But if you need it boiled down to something simple, it’s this: Stage time, stage time, stage time. Just keep doing it. If you’re funny, you’ll get better at it.

Roll the clip!

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