It’s the High Holy Days for Jews around the world this week, as we’ve entered Rosh Hashanah and approach Yom Kippur. As a Gentile with a birthday at the end of September, I grew up loving these Jewish holidays because it upped the odds of receiving a day off from elementary school on my birthday. Yay, Jews!

And now as a journalist reporting on comedy, I still love the Jews. Yay, Jews! Jewish comedian Elon Gold, whom I’m told is observant enough that he still will not work on the Sabbath, provides us with an answer to the evergreen question: Do the Jews run Hollywood? It’s part of Gold’s webseries, Pro-Semitism, and in this episode for Funny or Die, he turns to noted comedic actor Jay Baruchel to answer the question. And yes, he answers the question.

Roll the clip.