On Letterman, Bill Burr jokes about self-improvement, and how dogs mirror human emotions

Bill Burr is and has been one of my favorite stand-up comedians over the past decade. Never afraid to tell you what’s on his mind and take the opposite position from convention wisdom and find a way to make you laugh and agree with it.

On last night’s Late Show with David Letterman, Burr argued against ever getting a facelift, while at the same time using the concept of hairplugs to make his case (as he sported a short red beard of his own), joked about how quitting drinking for a few months has not turned out the way he had hoped, and shared the pros and cons of having your dog mirror your own emotional state.

Roll the clip already!

It’s still weird to me how the live studio audience at Letterman (and also for Leno) will fill silence at the end of a joke with sustained applause, even though I’ve seen this happen for years and years. Comedians like to hear laughs. Applause is nice, but laughter is always better. OK. Back to work, people.

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