Matt Besser’s new UCB Improv Master Class offers “new way”

How to gear up for this weekend’s Del Close Marathon? How about warming up your comedic palette with this new web series from the Upright Citizens Brigade’s Matt Besser, “Inside the Master Class,” in which Besser and his Los Angeles students of a super improv master class learn some life lessons, based on Besser’s discovery of “a new way to teach improv.” Set tongues in cheeks…now.

The first two episodes are online, two more will be released over the next two days leading up to DCM13.

In the first episode, Besser forces the group to vote one of its students out. Too soon?

In the second episode, Besser forces the students to change their names. But to what? Oh, you’ll see.

Featuring Paul Rust, Neil Campbell, Armen Weitzman, Stephanie Allyne, Eva Anderson, Mookie Blaiklock, Mike Carlson and Monika Smith.

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