On Saturday Night Live, oftentimes something will strike the cast and writers as super-funny around the office (particularly late at night Tuesday and into Wednesday morning of an SNL week), but not quite translate onscreen before the live audience.

Such was the case, apparently, with Cup Boy and Plate Boy, an idea Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Fallon had about two nervous guys who spill wax cups and plates all over a pizzeria as host Alec Baldwin and a customer played by Chris Parnell watch. It never made it past dress rehearsal back then. But last night, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Sanz dropped by and they showed a clip. Honestly, I think the problem was the plates. The cups looked great. Also, I think their frustration catchphrase of “Deuce Bigalow!” “Male gigolo!” has improved with age.

Wait. Here’s the full sketch from the SNL dress. Roll it!

On second thought, probably for the best this got cut.