Harry Potter and the final round of timely parody videos

The final Harry Potter movie opened across America at midnight, and with it, the final chance for comedians and comedy troupes to toast, roast and boast about their parody videos.

Let’s take a look at a few making the rounds this week.

First up is The Second City Network’s popular look at the houses of Hogwarts. Are you a Hufflepuff?

New York’s The PIT gives Severus Snape a scorned love story and a music video in this mash-up called, “Stupefy You.”

The Key of Awesome lets Frank go off the script to provide voiceover for the final movie trailer, and things get out of hand. A Barely Political video that’s not at all political, unless you’re into the politics of who gets the soap.

This video from Tremendosaur for Atom.com looks at what happens with Hagrid once Harry and the gang defeat Voldemort. Do they defeat Voldemort? I don’t know. Haven’t read the book or seen the movie yet, and even if I had, would I want to spoil the ending? Here’s what’s up with Hagrid, though.

And finally, my dear friend Mamrie Hart has concocted yet another of her punny cocktails for you to partake in a Harry Potter drinking game, if you’re into that sort of thing. Her “Harry Potter’s Flaming Butterbeer” is merely the latest in her series, “You Deserve a Drink.” Watch them all and win yourself a fast-pass to rehab!

If you’ve got a funny final Harry Potter video to share, please let us know in the comments.

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