Artie Lange back on the radio? One night only, with guest co-host Nick DiPaolo? Hear how. Hear now!

ArtielangeradioArtie Lange fans will be heartened to know that Lange will talk on the radio tonight live, but it’s not on Stern. Nope. Lange and fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo will be filling in for Tony Bruno on the 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. shift (times Eastern) on Fox Sports Radio.

Let’s hope that this is as an encouraging turn of events as it seems.

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UPDATED: With a photo from inside the FOX Sports Radio studios of Lange and DiPaolo together, quotes, and audio in case you missed it live tonight!

This photo snapped by agent Tony D. Burton shows Artie Lange looking rested, happy and much healthier than he had been before, as he sat in with Nick DiPaolo as guest hosts Wednesday night for three hours on FOX Sports Radio. Burton told Lange’s former assistant Hilary Herbert: “he looks better than ever.”

The Stern Superfans site reported that “Artie sounded like the old Artie that we all loved, he was joking, he was awake and you could hear it in his voice that he loved to be back.”

It was Lange’s first public national speaking engagement or appearance since his attempted suicide in January 2010. Over the course of three hours, Lange and DiPaolo talked sports, the Casey Anthony case, Lange’s stint in rehab in Florida, and of course, his lengthy departure from the airwaves and his slot as comedic sidekick on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM satellite radio.

When a caller asked Lange directly about Stern and a possible return to the show, Lange replied:

“That would be the greatest thing ever but, you know, listen‚ÄìI was on the greatest show of all time for about nine years and I put them in a very awkward situation to say the least. So, what am I gonna do? But, I love them all and they were great to me and I appreciate that.”

Audio of that already is online:

And if you missed the live show, you can listen to the recorded podcast, in which DiPaolo gets Lange to talk about his latest rehab right off the bat before getting to plenty of Yankees and Red Sox talk in the first hour

Audio of hour one, Artie Lange and Nick DiPaolo filling in for Tony Bruno on FOX Sports Radio, July 6, 2011.

Audio of hour two, Artie Lange and Nick DiPaolo, July 6, 2011.

Audio of hour three, Artie Lange and Nick DiPaolo, July 6, 2011.

Expect Stern to respond in some fashion Thursday morning.

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31 thoughts on “Artie Lange back on the radio? One night only, with guest co-host Nick DiPaolo? Hear how. Hear now!

  1. ARTIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Love you. and so happy that your obviously doing better.

  2. Artie… Great hearing from you… You made the howard stern show. Sadly since you left I only tune in sometimes. While howard is a good interviewer… You were glue… Howard has become to pompas. and sadly not funny anymore.

  3. “Expect Stern to respond in some fashion Thursday morning.”
    Even if this was a Thursday he worked, he’s on vacation, so no go either way. Gonna have to wait until Monday?

  4. Bob, Point well taken, but he is on Twitter this week during vacation, so keep an eye out there, maybe?

  5. This absolutely made my day. I hope we hear a lot more from Artie now that he seems to be doing better.

  6. nick/artie—great show. you guys are money on the air. this made my day, week, month and summer. I’m so glad to hear from artie. there are so many of us who miss you. hope to see and hear you again soon. thanks!

  7. artie, keep stayin alive!!! come by the old show, it would be an emotional reunion, but i think it would be good for everybody.

  8. Loved hearing Artie again……I hope that he makes it back on the Stern Show again he was and still is an instrumental part of the show. Keep your head up Artie and stay positive. Go Mets…….just kidding

  9. Loved hearing artie again! Forgot howard, he’ll use you and throw you out again. Arie, Norm and Nick should all get their own show and go head to head with howard!

  10. Gonna have to wait until July 18th to hear what Howard has to say. The gang’s on their two-week summer break.

  11. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news on Howard today. So I jumped online and found the show and listened to the whole thing. Ive missed ya Artie I mean I loved Howard before and after you but it just isn’t the same without ya. Hope you make a return on some type of regular basis even if its only a couple times. And stay healthy you sounded great Thanks for all the laughs.

  12. Wonder if Artie ever crossed paths with comedian and recovering addict Mike DeStefano before Mike passed away in March. They seem like kindred spirits.

  13. ARTIEEE!! Ill listen wherever u go and u belong on a sports show. Stern has gone pussy since u left and only bitches and whines. Do your thing with him or without. The world is listening.

  14. OMG ARTIE i so downloaded all three audio clips thank you so much for posting this your amazing i love it. ARtie is the whole reason i love the stern show it aint the same without him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Beer League 2 sounds amazing!~!!@$!%#%$^ ill edit it for free!!!

  15. Artie!!! you fat fuck…we need you back on Howard”s whining show…whine ,whine …3 days a week, are you shiting me ? he should have just retired. if you do go back , howard he is going to push you back into drinking and drugs because he is going to keep talking to you and guests about how you tried to take your life, and by the way i am glad you failed…stay healthy my brother…love you man

  16. Artie, it was great hearing you on Nick’s show. I just happened upon it on one of these news sites with ur name in the title. WOW!!! I have been a Stern fan since he came to DC 101 in DC and I know that I’m not the only one to say this, but I miss the shit out of u on Howard…wah wah…I know but the truth is U brought honesty, smarts, with a type of humor that no one else can and could. I hope all is well in ur life n that u found peace within urself and know that I am one of the ur biggest fan. U belong back on the greatest show on radio.
    Luv ya u lil gorilla!!!!

  17. So HAPPY to hear Artie on the radio again.
    Artie – I wish you all the best, you were my favorite part of the Stern show. I hope we get to see you in some capacity really soon. You are still one of the funniest comedians today HANDS DOWN!! You look great…Be well!!

  18. ARTIE YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!! Very sexy! I haven’t listened to Howard since you left (I have listened for over 20 years). I can’t bear to hear the show without you & let my subscription lapse. I will be back in a heartbeat if you return. Miss you so much! Take it easy & slow but do come back!!!!

  19. Artie, even if you don’t want to return to the Stern Show full time, since I know you hated the schedule, perhaps you could return occasionally for a week as a guest announcer, like George Takei. If you would like to return full time, go for it. Whatever suits you.

  20. Not going to happen. I have suffered like Artie. Howard will never allow him back on the show due to his nature. I called into show and told them they were driving Artie to what transpired. It did…I know how Artie felt. Howard is going to stay as far away from Artie as possible. It is Howard’s nature. He is normal. I am like Artie. We are challenged whereas Howard is challenged in other ways. Artie frightens Howard now. He does not want him back on the show. Done…over….I know. I suffer like Artie and I know when the writing is on the wall. I love you Artie…really…wish we could sit on a park bench and talk. We have a lot in common….sorrow.

  21. Almost fell off my chair when I saw you “Trending Now” on Yahoo. Miss you! Love you! Want nothing but the best for you what ever you do. Recovery is worth it!!! Whatever you do, where ever you go…I will be a fan!!!!!! One day at a time my friend.

  22. I must admit that when I saw Artie trending on Yahoo I feared the worst. Finding the podcast is a welcomed surprise. So good to hear Artie on the radio again. Stern is not the same show. We need more Artie!

  23. ARTIE!!!! LOVE YOU!!! You look and sounbd GREAT!!! WE MISS YA!! Should I weed the front of your shore house? Welcome home!! Big boy you were soooo missed!!!!

  24. We love you Artie! I am also happy you look so healthy, but mostly you sound sooooo good again too! Stay on the lithium and run or punch the bag whenever you feel like slippin’ back. You’re the greatest and you have popular appeal no matter how much the insurance companies and agents want to control you. If Howard’s the King, you are certainly the crown prince! weeeeeeeeee

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