ZachalandnickonmsnbcWhen Zach Galifianakis first hosted Saturday Night Live last season, he starred in a digital short called "Zach Drops By The Set" that featured unexpected cameos by the comedian on various TV shows. The first scene has him wheeling around in a chair behind Brian Williams during a news update.

Cut to last weekend, when Galifianakis literally dropped by the set of MSNBC after watching his Hangover co-star Ed Helms host SNL. Just as he did in the SNL Digital Short, but for real this time, Galifianakis wheeled around in a chair behind the MSNBC anchor, in this case Veronica De La Cruz, during an overnight news update. Bonus: Sitting on either side of Galifianakis are Nick Kroll and Al Madrigal.

Here's the art…


And here's the life imitating it last weekend: