Introducing The Daily Show’s “senior Latino correspondent,” Al Madrigal

Great week for stand-up comedian Al Madrigal. He has earned himself two new TV gigs: a supporting role on NBC's new sitcom Free Agents, and last night he made his first appearance as the "senior Latino correspondent" on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Or is it "senior Hispanic correspondent." Stewart used the terms interchangeably. Hmmm. Anyhow. Moving on.

I cannot wait for the great online debate to begin about how Madrigal only got this job because he's hot. Oh, wait. What's that? We only consider looks when it comes to people with lady parts? Oh, alrighty then.

Let's see and hear what he had to tell Jon Stewart last night about immigration reform:


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One thought on “Introducing The Daily Show’s “senior Latino correspondent,” Al Madrigal

  1. I love how you try to compare Madrigal, an actual working comic, to the outrage people felt when Olivia Munn, a non comic or improv person, was hired. Not the same dude, but nice try to get people riled up. If they hired some Brad Pitt type dude with no comic experience, then you would have a reason to make mention of Munn, but they didn’t.

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