On Ferguson: Marc Maron’s need for human contact leads to TSA pat-downs and sexually acting out

On Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night, Marc Maron — whom you know now as a popular comedy podcast interviewer via WTF with Marc Maron (a new live episode from Brooklyn featuring Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Chuck Klosterman, Sarah Vowell and Eric Drysdale is out today) — talked about how being separated from society by technology has prompted him to seek out human contact. That's as true for his airport TSA pat-down as it is for his decision to "date aggressively" since his second divorce.

It all fascinated Ferguson so much, he asked Maron to sit down and tell him more about his recent sexual conquests, and what it's like to date a dominatrix. They also discuss their stories about going to Australia, as Maron is preparing to perform in Melbourne. Hopefully it goes a lot better than the first time he went Down Under 20 years ago.

Roll the clip!


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