Jamie Kilstein’s TV debut on Conan

In a five-minute rant, political comedian Jamie Kilstein challenged people who like President Barack Obama just because he's not as horrible as Bush was, challenged Obama to joust with Osama Bin Laden, took on McDonald's, the notion of slutty girls causing 9/11, and pointed out the nonsense of killing people using robots with guns. If you think that's a long sentence without a break in it, just listen to Kilstein in his TV debut last night on Conan!


Background reading: The Comic's Comic interview with Jamie Kilstein about his podcast, Citizen Radio, and political comedy.

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5 thoughts on “Jamie Kilstein’s TV debut on Conan

  1. Saw this on Conan last night. I can’t believe that Conan would put this act on his show. This guy’s rants made no sense. Nothing he said even approached being funny.

  2. Jamie Kilstein hasn’t been on TV before? Kind of surprising really.
    I’ve seen him do some of those bits before and get a better reaction. This one was more “Yay, we agree with you.” kind of reactions. Maybe not what you want on your first TV spot. It may have just been a little overwhelming for a TV audience.

  3. I thought it seemed more like “Hey, you’re an idiot and you’re boring and not at all funny” kind of reaction.

    1. Love Naomi Klein and still don’t get the appeal of Citizen Radio. I just kept winhsig it was Sam who has truly risen to a new level covering Occupy and Naomi without the peanut gallery.

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