At least a couple of times already, the new Conan on TBS has brought back a staple of the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, allowing some of the stand-up comedians to head over to the panel to chat with Conan O'Brien after performing.

We're not seeing O'Brien give the comedians a thumb's up first as Carson used to do on-camera — these post-set panels appear to be pre-arranged. But still. It's nice to see stand-ups get to do both, and not have to settle for either performance or panel (in which the performance is weaved into the dialogue with the host).

Last night, Nick Thune started off with a couple of quick, subtle numbers that seemed to sail past the studio audience. They caught onto Thune's act soon thereafter, however, and increasingly approved of his wordplay and one-liners accompanied by what O'Brien called a really nice guitar. During the panel portion, Thune told O'Brien about a very naughty audience member at one of his shows — and I don't naughty in the way you pervs are clearly interpreting it. Rather, naughty as in, someone's going to have to call his mother!

Roll the clip.