Somewhere in a land between Reggie Watts and Bo Burnham is the fabulous rock 'n roll piano-playing comedy of Tim Minchin, who has become increasingly popular where he lives in the U.K., as well as in his native Australia.

In America, audiences in New York City and Los Angeles (and comedy festivals in Aspen and Las Vegas) only have had a few chances to experience Minchin's talent since 2007. Last night, everyone got a chance to see and hear him as Minchin made his American TV debut on Conan. He opened with "Inflatable You."


Safe choice? Good entry point? Perhaps and yes.

But the folks at Team Coco pointed out this morning that Minchin considered performing a completely different song, which has more of a socio-political bent, as well as a message that would have rang right at home with Conan himself. Team Coco wasn't so sure, revealing: "we thought that the US audience wouldn’t be familiar enough with the term 'ginger.'"

Let's take a look and listen to "Prejudice," shall we?