If you watch any NASCAR, then you know that driver/owner/analyst Michael Waltrip is a goof. That's not the same thing as being a stand-up comedian, but Waltrip is giving it a shot, anyhow.

Waltrip, who has a book out next month, will debut the Michael Waltrip's Comedy Garage on Jan. 21 at a casino in Kansas City, then take the act to casinos in Canada (Jan. 22) and Las Vegas (March 4-5). Though his name is in the title, Waltrip won't have to headline the shows. Instead, stand-ups Henry Cho and Jon Reep will do the heavy comedic lifting.

And Waltrip seems to know his place on the bill, giving this quote:

‚ÄúThis is something totally different from what I am used to. In a race car I am in my element and I‚Äôm comfortable. When you give me a microphone and tell me I have to stand up in front of a lot of people and be funny on purpose, that makes me nervous. I‚Äôm funny accidentally. The definition of stand-up comedy is being funny on purpose. It‚Äôs a great challenge and something that is a lot of fun. The people that do it for a living sure have my respect. I hope everyone will come out and give us a chance to entertain them.‚Äù

If you want to see Waltrip's accidental brand of comedy, well here's a clip!