Is it Pete Holmes day yet?

Plenty of good new material we can laugh with and learn about Pete Holmes today. There's a new interview up on Buzzine, and here is an excerpt that illustrates just how unique his performances can be since he tends to acknowledge the uniqueness of each performance:

That’s actually something TJ (Miller) and I have specifically talked about
because I’ll call him feeling guilty and I’ll say, “I did all this
stuff, but I didn’t record it or write it down, but I let it all out.”
He’ll remind me of something I think is quite true, which is that some
jokes are just for that crowd. Some jokes are just for that night. And
there’s something kind of beautiful, almost like Tibetan Monk sand
sculptures, like, do it once, throw it away, let that be a gift for
people that came out for a live performance. And I’m not talking about
making fun of somebody’s shirt. I’m talking about the whole experience
can really be its own type of event, and ideally it is. At the end,
I’ve stopped beating myself up by thinking, “Oh, I should remember that
thing that I said when I called that guy blah blah blah,” or said this
about a sound I heard. That’s not really the point, necessarily. Every
show should be made unique, and the degree to which it’s made unique is
often the degree to which it’s enjoyable for me and the degree to which
it’s memorable for the crowd. Even tonight, after the show, people were
saying to me, “My favorite part was this, when you said this to me, or
when you called this group this,” or whatever. And that happens every
time. No one, tomorrow even, will remember any of my jokes, no matter
how memorable they might seem at the time or how well they do. They
will remember that I said some off-the-cuff thing that brought them
into the show and kind of made the whole thing our experience, instead
of my experience being given to them. The more it’s “our” show, the

And here is brand-new video from Holmes and his team at Front Page Films, featuring Joselyn Hughes and Matt McCarthy. It's a "wine date." Enjoy!

Oh, and they also have a video in the Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" contest.

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