Late-night Christmas gift exchange: Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon surprise each other with presents

While books and blogs continue to perpetuate the "Late-Night Wars," the people who actually host late-night TV in the late-late night continue to provide evidence that all is well in the world still. At least well past midnight, where Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson are concerned.

Fallon and Ferguson have exchanged friendly messages both on TV and over the Internet in recent weeks, and last night, they exchanged actual presents for Christmas.

As it played out on TV, Ferguson opened his present first, starting in even before the opening credits, and made a point of telling the media that there's no bad blood here. Within the first four minutes, Ferguson gets off a few double entendres, displays the gift Fallon got for him, and makes a plea to the press and to CBS.


On NBC, meanwhile, Fallon looked truly surprised by what Ferguson had gotten him. No, not talking about the fake horse Secretariat delivering the gift. Watch Fallon's reaction when he opens his present. He's truly shocked and awed.


That's a win for Ferguson. But 'tis also a win for all of us, for 'tis peace at Christmastime in late-late night. God bless us everyone!

Sean L. McCarthy

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