On an episode of this season's 30 Rock, characters Jenna and Kenneth conspired with Kelsey Grammer to use a Carvel "black card" to make money. Well, the card is real. Comedian Patton Oswalt has one. And he's giving his away for charity, specifically to raise money for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank through Comedy Death-Ray's X-Mas auction!

Roll the clip.


With three days left to bid, the item already is fetching $6,000. Good job, charitable people and ice-cream/cake lovers!

In case you're curious, Carvel is on board with this one-time transfer by Oswalt. How do I know? Just ask Carvel: ‚ÄúOur celebrity Black Cards were issued to commemorate Carvel‚Äôs 75th Anniversary in 2008.   Although they were not meant to be transferred, we decided to honor Patton‚Äôs request to re-issue his card to the winner of this charitable auction,‚Äù says Carvel President Gary Bales.  ‚ÄùWe hope this event will raise some much-needed funds to feed those in need over the holidays.  We thank Patton for allowing Carvel to be involved.‚Äù

There are 53 other items up for bidding on the eBay page for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, with the first auctions ending less than 48 hours from the moment I type this.

Among them: