Jay Pharoah is a very confident young man. And yet he is still a young man. Both of those things were plainly evident as Pharoah became one of the quickest SNL hires to get a sit-down with David Letterman on last night's Late Show.

If you were hoping to learn more about Pharoah, you'll leave this clip not knowing more than you maybe already knew, especially if you're a loyal reader of this site. Pharoah opened big with an absurd gag on Letterman, then showed his youth by getting thrown off by Dave's next sincere question. He does voices, and we heard him do his big ones — Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, President Barack Obama — and we also heard him do a little bit of Lorne Michaels as he recounted his audition process this summer. Remember: He's just a featured player in his rookie season. Vanessa Bayer has a great recurring sketch, Paul Brittain and Taran Killam are still hoping to get some real screen time on SNL, and here is Pharoah doing panel with Letterman!

So while you get all excited hearing Pharoah do two lines as Obama, and wonder if this shot across the bow will convince Lorne to put him in coach instead of Fred Armisen, just remember the real highlight is the fact that Pharoah was on Letterman already to begin with.

Roll the clip!