In case you missed it, watch nine minutes of live TV from the Childrens’ Hospital finale on Adult Swim!

The second season finale from Adult Swim's Childrens' Hospital is finally online for your viewing pleasure. They said it was "live," but if you paid close attention, you would have seen that even though it wasn't a traditional live TV show, the episode did spend its final nine of 11 minutes in a single-camera live shot. So that's something to behold.

Also, all of the surprises that come with playing with the convention of live TV, and that one guy who shows up. It's all great. I endorse it, and look forward to the next season of Childrens' Hospital.

If you want to see The Sultan's Finger LIVE, click here. These are the individual clips:

It keeps going…


And going…


And going…


And going…


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