Hey, you there. Yes, you.

Would you like to see Colin Quinn on Broadway in his latest one-man show, "Long Story Short"? Would you like to see that show for free? Well, you may be in luck.

First, watch this video of Anderson Cooper interviewing Colin Quinn and his director, Jerry Seinfeld.


OK. Done yet? Now follow these simple steps.

1) Read this post. You're doing great so far!

2) Leave a comment on this post.

3) In your comment, let me know what historical empire you're most looking forward to hear Colin Quinn joke about and why.

4) Be sure to fill out a valid email when you're commenting so I can contact you.

5) If you've done all of that and left my favorite comment, then you win!

Colin Quinn's "Long Story Short" has its official opening night tonight, with a limited 11-week engagement through January 2011.