This little item in Publishers Marketplace might pique your interest…

Bob Powers and Ritch Duncan’s LIVING WITH LYCANTHROPY: A Lifestyle Guide for the Modern Werewolf, which provides newly infected werewolves with a workable road map for living an ethical, fulfilling, and near-violence free life through chapters such as How to Tell When the Moon is Full, Avoiding Detection, and So You’ve Attacked Someone, to Becky Cole at Broadway, by Byrd Leavell at the Waxman Literary Agency (World)

Ritch Duncan can tell you all about his decision to start a blog about a guy who got bitten by a werewolf in 2004, if you read this old missive (how old? it’s on a Tripod page). Duncan credited Bob Powers with giving him that blog’s Web address. Duncan also wrote for Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and was a big part of the old Jest magazine. These days, Duncan is writing a lot about hockey. A lot. For his part, Powers previously got his own blog Girls Are Pretty turned into a book (Happy Cruelty Day!), and just published another new choose-your-adventure style book last month (see below). So, congrats, fellas!