America is taking another game-show page from the Brits, and as has been the trend in this century, tapping a stand-up comedian to host it.

Million dollar money dropThe show is Million Dollar Money Drop — based on Million Pound Drop, which debuted in May in the UK — and Kevin Pollak will host Endemol's American edition of the high-stakes quiz show when it premieres over four consecutive nights in December on FOX. It'll pre-empt FOX's regular primetime programming Dec. 20-23, with future airdates to be announced based on the initial week's success.

Its concept is simple enough. A team of two is literally handed $1 million at the top of the hour, then required to bet the cash on each of seven multiple-choice questions. A wrong answer triggers a trap door underneath the cash bet on top of it — that's the drop.

This is Pollak's second go-around with FOX this year. He was all set to host a game show for kids called Our Little Genius, but the network abruptly cancelled it in January just days before its debut after allegations emerged that a producer had coached at least one of the child contestants beforehand.