Greg Behrendt at Gotham this weekend

I spotted Greg Behrendt last night at a taping for John Oliver (more on that soon enough). But it reminded me that Behrendt is in New York City this weekend at Gotham. And that reminded me of a great lengthy chat I had with him two years ago. Here’s a choice tidbit in which he explains the need to perform stand-up comedy:

"At lunch, they set up a mike. In front of the kids. They said, ‘Don’t
go blue.’ I opened for an air-band contest once in Fresno, and got,
‘Get off!’ You’ve got to want it if you keep having those experiences
and come back for more. I think we’re destined to do things. Who would
pick stand-up? This might not go well in front of 200 people and they
might rebel. I really think it’s a calling. I think there are people
who are supposed to do it. What the f–k would (Dave) Attell do? What would
(Mitch) Hedberg have done? Brian Regan, same thing. They have to go in
front of a room full of people and grab a mike. It’s just what I have
to do, until I feel like I don’t, and then I’ll quit."

Sean L. McCarthy

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