Want to know who's in the running to be named New York's Funniest Stand-Up in 2010? It's a lot simpler to find out this year, as Carolines did away with the stand-by line and asked comedians to file online applications in advance. After reviewing more than 150 entrants, they've narrowed the list down to these 53, who will audition this Wednesday, Oct. 20.

Mike Lawrence
Mike Recine
Adam Cozens
Kate Hendricks
Nore Davis
Leah Bonnema
Charlie Gaeta
Matt Little
Nick Cobb
Liz Miele
Lance Weiss
Anton Schuford
Sean Crespo
Adam Newman
Sam Grittner
Josh Guarino
Martin Montana
Sara Schaefer
Phoebe Robinson
Sam Morril
Joe List
Josh Rabinowitz
Kyle Fincham
Ash Louis
Jenn Palumbo
Frank Campanella
Joe Machi
Mark Normand
Jena Friedman
Andy Fiori
Richie Redding
Ray Marshall
JC Coccoli
Ashley Roberts
Harrison Greenbaum
James Harris
Corey Reppond
Anthony Cimino
Molly Reisner
Jason Saenz
Danny Solomon
Tommy Brennan
Matt Ruby
Jason Kanter
Daniel Hirshon
Adam Mamawala
Justin Silver
Stephanie Holmes
Dan Soder
Erin Lennox
Jason Good
Gonzalo Cordova
Adrienne Iapalucci 

Only about 30 will make it to live semifinal rounds on Oct. 27 at Carolines, with a winner determined in the finals on Nov. 2, also at Carolines. Past winners include Myq Kaplan, Julian McCullough and Wil Sylvince.

Good luck, everybody!