Peewee4square As we get closer to the Broadway debut of Pee-wee Herman, Pee-wee is generating interest with his fans and followers via Twitter and now Foursquare, checking in at various places around New York City this week. Here he is at a parking garage near Little Italy and Chinatown. Oooh. He also says he's going to Katz's Deli at noon. Will you be there, too?

If you missed it last weekend, Paul Reubens sat down to talk about the origins of Pee-wee as part of the New Yorker Festival. I missed it, so I relied on the official New Yorker recap, as well as the longer take from Whitney Matheson at USA Today's Pop Candy.

We've also begun seeing TV ads for the show. One ran during SNL. Here it is to help you get excited. Are you excited yet? Roll it!