So, how about that new addition to NBC's formerly "Must See TV" Thursday night lineup, eh? Outsourced. Yeah. Lots of buzz about it. Most of it, not so good.

According to overnight ratings, 7.44 million people tuned in for the premiere. Waiting to hear the full fallout from my friends in the comedy community. Here's the first to weigh in with something in my mailbox. This comes from comedian Nimesh Patel, who writes: "I was offended by it, as an Indian and moreover as a comedian. the show is poorly written and relies on Indian stereotypes for every joke." Patel decided to voice his displeasure with this sketch, depicting him interviewing for a job writing on the show. Roll it.

I haven't brought myself to watch the pilot yet, and knowing someone who got hired to write for the show after the pilot had been wrapped, I'd hope that he could instill some semblance of reasonable humor into the series going forward.

What do you think about Outsourced?