The Friars Club has released the schedule for its second annual Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, which will run from Sept. 23 through Oct. 1, 2010, with screenings at the club and elsewhere around New York City. This year's theme for the fest is 'In Defense of Comedy.' Present Exhibit A, please.

Tere Bin Laden —  a Bollywood tongue-in-cheek look at a Pakistani reporter who wants to migrate to America, only to get mixed up in hijinx by making a tape of himself as Osama Bin Laden — will open the festival with a screening Sept. 23 at the Ziegfield. Here's a clip!

Other highlights include the world premiere of Brother‚Äôs Justice from Dax Shepard and David Palmer, screenings of documentaries American: The Bill Hicks Story, Just Like Us, I Am Comic, a Jerry Lewis retrospective and awarding of a Lifetime Achievement Award to him, a children's fable from Bill Plympton called The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger, and short films from Friars Club contest winners The Stepfathers and Harvard Sailing Team, as well as a short film by L.A.'s The Midnight Show. The festival leads up to the Friars Club annual roast, which this year toasts Quentin Tarantino on Oct. 1.