Behind the Pilot, with Chris Hardwick on the set of “Tonight’s Funniest,” coming to Comedy Central?

If Comedy Central passes on the pilot of Tonight's Funniest, it won't be for a lack of jokes. I attended a taping of it last week in Harlem (in the same studios where CC taped the first season of Important Things with Demetri Martin, btw). It's a faux game show. Think Match Game, only without the contestants getting in the way. Or if you're not old enough for that reference, how about thinking of Whose Line Is It Anyway, except with stand-ups sitting down.

Tonightsfunniestremote Chris Hardwick hosted the proceedings, with comedians Joe DeRosa, Jared Logan, Michelle Collins, Sherrod Small and Kurt Metzger writing punchlines on the spot for topical premises provided by Hardwick. The audience then used remote control devices to vote on who delivered the best joke on each premise. Each of their names are on the back with a corresponding number on the keypad. Ooh.

Anyhow. Twas loads of fun. Lots of riffing and joke-making.

During a break between tapings, Hardwick took me into his green room to talk just a little bit about the process of filming pilots. Fun times! Even if you don't see Hardwick on your Comedy Central in 2011, although you should, you can still see him hosting Web Soup on G4, as well as providing gadget reviews on G4's Attack of the Show, as well as nerding it up on line at OK. OK! Roll the clip.

Related: Chris Hardwick also is hosting another TV pilot taping on Sept. 16, for NBC, called That's A Record! It's a TV version of people setting their own records, thanks to the folks from URDB with production help from Jimmy Fallon?!? Oh, that looks like a go, people. Taping occurs in Simi Valley, Cali. Get tickets here.

Furthermore: Hardwick also appears in the new Garfunkel and Oates music video (NSFW!) that has been circulating this week. Note: Circulating is not exactly the right word, is it.

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