The game show Family Feud is back again for another go on TV with another new host, and this time it's comedian Steve Harvey who's shaking hands and asking what people were most likely to say in response to basic polls. Same theme song, same basic premise, new flashing lights, and oh, Harvey tells viewers they can play online with their friends on Facebook. So that's how you know it's 2010.

In the NYC area, it's on back-to-back Monday-Friday at 1 and 1:30 p.m. on Ch. 9. Check your local listings to see when the Feud is on in your area.

The show already has taped 100 episodes from Universal Studios Orlando. In an interview with the AP, Harvey boasted: "I bet you there's not a funnier game show on TV. We've done some pretty incredible stuff so far."

Speaking of which, here's a clip in which a contestant tells Harvey why it's OK to boo a comedian. Boo a comedian?!? Roll it and discuss.