What’s weirder: Jeff Foxworthy joining Shark Tank, or this horribly misleading headline about him?

ABC's Shark Tank, the intriguing reality TV series that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their next great business ideas to a panel of wealthy tycoons who decide whether to invest in their ideas, is returning for a second season in 2011.

So why is comedian Jeff Foxworthy joining the panel of tycoons for three episodes next season? I'm smarter than a fifth grader, so I know that means he must be made of money, so I know that also means he might no longer be a redneck. If you've got a bright idea that could pull you out of Redneck Nation and into Fort Knox, check out Shark Tank's casting info and go for it.

Now if anything in that preceding paragraph rubbed you the wrong way or seemed like a poor turn of phrase, just remember this. It could've been worse. Much worse. Like, oh, say, this Miami Herald/Miami.com headline on a recent interview with Foxworthy. Can you guess what this story is really about?


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