Louis CK explains his love of hating Sarah Palin, and having to “dance” with Bristol Palin on Leno

At the screenings for his stand-up concert film, Hilarious, Louis CK was more than generous with his time and sincerity in answering questions from fans in the audience afterward this week at the IFC Center in New York City. He talked technically about the making of the film, about his close working relationship with Pamela Adlon (who played his TV wife on HBO's Lucky Louie, co-wrote a failed pilot for CBS that CK said the suits really hated, and plays a TV friend on FX's Louie, as well as a consulting producer whom he bounces ideas off of), indulged a fan who wanted him to respond to alleged bashing by Marc Maron (even though CK said he has been a friend of Maron's since both were in Boston), talked about his working relationship with Chris Rock, his comments on race (noting that he spent the first several years of his life growing up in Mexico, as half-Mexican, even though nobody ever thinks of him that way).

But Louis CK also opened up about his Twitter-hate for Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008, and would-be future candidate. CK has gone to Twitter in allegedly drunken states to bash Palin. The last time he did so, he found himself a day later sitting next to her daughter, teen-aged single mother Bristol Palin, on the set of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And then Leno coerced him into trying a dance move alongside Bristol Palin.

Here's the video from Sept. 3:

And here is Louis CK explaining himself Wednesday night to his fans in NYC. He opens by talking about being on camera next to Bristol Palin:

"It (the camera) cut off my face, while she was talking, and I was really, because I was looking at this monitor, and I'm like, do I go like this (he tilts his face to the left and mugs), do I edge out, which is awkward, because the audience was looking at me. And I didn't want to do this (stands awkwardly), but I also didn't want to go (mugs again). Yeah. OK. I wrote mean things about Sarah Palin on Twitter. And not because I'm political. But because it's fun. I do think she's Hitler. But that's not why I do it. I do it because it's fun. But I let myself have fun at her expense, because she's Hitler. Her being Hitler allows me in my head to say mean things about her, but that's not the reason. The reason is because it's just fun. Because she's just an amazing, beautiful perfect villain. She's just crystalline. She says things that are at perfect right angles to truth and reason, and that blows me away. It's poetry when that woman speaks. And I'm sexually attracted to her boobs. She's sexually attractive, to me. But I do think she's terribly dangerous, and I do think she could really Hitler up the place. And by the way, once, I wrote on Twitter that she's the new Hitler, and I got this immediate — like, immediate — email on the same device, from somebody that I kinda, whatever, I don't want to say who, who said, 'You gotta take that down. You can't compare a person in the public eye to someone who killed six million Jews.' And I said, 'Well, I'm not saying that she's that Hitler. She's the early Hitler, when he was building power. I don't know how many Jews he was going to kill. But I know that she's building power the same way. Hitler was voted into office through this weird, like he took a bunch of seats, and he got this party going, and he just started intimidating people, and that's exactly what she's doing.  Again. I don't care. I'm not political, but why not? Fuck it. If Hitler was running, I'd say 'Hey, fucking losers, suck my dick, Hitler!' And I wouldn't feel like, oh, that's not that nice. Fuck 'em. He's Hitler.

"So I write things about her, people living in her cunt, or whatever it is, and then, yeah, so I go on the Tonight Show. I had no idea. Until I arrived, and I'm walking past the dressing room and it's Bristol, her fucking daughter is on the show. And we sat there, and she talked to Jay, but she, to me, I just saw a young girl who's very nervous — she was terribly nervous — be on the Tonight Show. And after her segment I told her, 'You did a good job. That's not easy.' And she said, 'Thank you.' She's very nice. So she invited me to stand there and dance. And I knew I was paying some kind of penance, for what I'd done, I'm standing there like this, me, Bristol Palin, fucking Jay Leno, and some dude from Dancing with the Stars, and I'm standing there kinda like this, and I'm like, this is totally karma. Pretty direct karma."

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39 thoughts on “Louis CK explains his love of hating Sarah Palin, and having to “dance” with Bristol Palin on Leno

  1. Hitler was the für of Germany. His actions resulted in the largest war and most deadly war to ever occur in the 20th century, and he also ordained large-scale slaughter of 10 million people. He was also a militant genius and a successful dictator for many years.
    Sarah Palin is a psudo-political celebrity who quit her real job and now makes money by showing up at small scale rallies and saying anything that people pay her to say. She also is a complete moron and probably couldn’t point to her own country on a map.

  2. Alex you missed the point the same type of followers that Hitler attracted to get his start are the same type of people that adore Palin. She can do no wrong in their eyes, tells no lies and if you say anything to point out her lies attack you with a hatred that overwhelms most people. The mainstream wrote off Hitler as a quack and then looked up with suprise when he took office. Could the same happen with Palin could she if elected to office start a war with Iran or set off a nuke. Knowing what we know about her that is a very real image.

  3. the Fur of Germany? What kind of Fur was he? Maybe he was a Fuhrer Fur? It’s like Christian said, you missed the point. Hitler swept power during an economic downturn, exploiting an angry, populist sentiment. Sarah Palin, while she hasn’t swept power yet, if she does so, will be from exploiting an angry, populist sentiment during an economic downturn. I just hope this story turns out a little better.

  4. Palin is not Hitler. Hitler had a very clear plan, he had already written Mein Kampf, when he sought power. Palin isn’t an issues person, she doesn’t have any morals or strongly held beliefs, she’s a money-making personality. She just wants to make money. She’s just a capitalist. She’s just cashing in.
    Disappointing that every politician gets compared to Hitler. Every one. Seriously? Is that the complete depth of our knowledge?

  5. Just want to point out what a bag of dicks you all are with your totally not grasping Louis CK’s humor and trying your crummy dissertation skills on the phenomenon Hitler who is Sarah Palin in his comedic, absurdist, twisted mind.

  6. Palin’s written a book, too. Her morals are so strong, she wants everyone to have them. She also speaks of America is infallible and the rest of the world as those who would bring America down. Hitler started making traction (slowly) in the early 1920’s, over 15 years before his first military action. And he didn’t have FoxNews.
    Louis is spot on.

  7. Thanks for explaining Hitler, guys. Who would have guessed that the best place to learn about history was in the comments section of a comedy blog? Anybody care to shed some light on the Dreyfus affair?
    As someone who fucked Hitler, I can assure you that he was not a genius. Louis might indeed be.

  8. Somebody just suggested that Hitler had a ‘clear plan’ because he had written Mein Kampf in prison before taking power and that this somehow puts him in better stead than Sarah Palin. Perhaps they don’t realise that Mein Kampf was f’ing terrible! Like not even taking into account how contextually or morally wrong it was, it was horribly written, absolute junk. It did, however, play exactly to the sentiment of the masses at the time. Sound familiar? Some poorly scribbled tripe called ‘going rogue’?
    The comparisons are entirely fair.
    ps. sorry if this posts twice, connection issues.

  9. Anybody else notice how she kept rolling her tongue around in her mouth like she was trying to scrape the cum off her back teeth?

  10. A grown man can not type ‘LOL’ no matter how many ‘Ls” you add at the end. Thus I assume Jerry is a 14 year old girl. OMG! ROTF! LMAO!

  11. One of the reasons it’s funny to me is that she’s one of the leaders of the call “call everybody you disagree with Hitler or Stalin or Fascist” crowd.

  12. I wish I hadn’t watched that clip. It was excruciatingly embarrassing. That show is a train wreck.

  13. “This guy is a textbook example of hate speech. Shame.”
    In Texas “text books” maybe? Yeah, what a moronic statement to make. Move over Fred Phleps, Louis’ movin’ in!
    FAIRTV, you’re the “textbook” expample of someone who’s never read a textbook. HINT: They’re the one without speech bubbles.

  14. So, all you smarty-pants, wise, and enlightened liberals who put yourselves on a pedestal above all the morons who support Palin, you have done a fine job comparing and contrasting Hitler and Palin (no doubt because you are so educated and smart) You’re so “smart” that you claim Hitler sneaked into office before anyone knew he was a threat, just like Palin is trying to do. But where is Palin’s Mein Kampf? You know that book was written in 1925 while Hitler was in prison for an attempted coup? He did not become chancellor until 1933. There was plenty of evidence before then of his violent radicalism. So, until you point out Palin’s equivalent of Mein Kampf and her time in prison for attempting to overthrow the government, your “intelligent and educated liberalite” comparison of Palin to Hilter does not hold water.

  15. This isn’t about a direct, blow-by-blow comparison of Hitler and Palin. It’s about similar conditions and mindsets. Especially, “us vs. them” during a time of economic depression and political unrest.
    In Hitler’s day, Weimar republic vs. National Socialists (Nazis).
    Today, Republicans vs. Democrats… Right vs. Left… Conservatives vs. “smarty-pants, wise, and enlightened liberals.”
    That said, Louis CK is a comic. Calm the f*** down. I’m not saying he isn’t right, because he totally is.
    Anyway, the point I want to make is that every group/faction/sect/whatever… they all suck equally. We spend so much time playing blame games, instead of taking responsibility for our lives and choices, instead of making sure we’re doing all we can to make our own lives better. We tear each other down instead of helping to build each other up.
    America could be such a great country if it would grow the f*** up already, own up to its issues and really do the work to become what it is meant to be — an example of how we can live and work together regardless of our differences.
    E pluribus unum, bitches.

  16. “F√ºr” means “pro” or “in favor.” “F√ºhrer” means “leader.”
    It’s Monday morning and I need accurate proper nouns in German until I’ve had my second cup of coffee. Thanks.

  17. “Alex you missed the point the same type of followers that Hitler attracted to get his start are the same type of people that adore Palin. She can do no wrong in their eyes, tells no lies and if you say anything to point out her lies attack you with a hatred that overwhelms most people. ”
    Replace the word “Palin” with the word “Obama” and you’re far closer to the truth.

  18. Louis CK is a scumbag and is more like hitler than he wants to let on. As for Sarah Palin, she is a fantastic person and would make a great President. Much better than that dooshbag obama. Obama is much more hitler like than his cult members want to admit. Remember, hitler swept into office with the message of HOPE AND CHANGE. Sound like anyone we know. Obama is the worst president this country has ever been infected with. Liberals are too stupid to realize how bad barry obamma is. They just voted for him because liberals are racist puss ies

  19. I would Imagine Hate Speech to be something more along the lines of, ” FairTV you fucking niggerspicunicornnaziwetbackbeanerfuck!”

  20. Wait a minute! I’ve got it. Her real name is…Parah Salin. It’s pure genius, the etymological love-child of Paris Hilton and Joe Stalin.

  21. Bristol is a seperate person from her mother. How many of us would like to be blamed for the sins of OUR fathers ( or mothers, in this case )? She made a mistake with Levy, who is a total loser, and is paying her own way, going to school and working. She deserves some respect for that. I get that Louis C.K. doesn’t dig Sarah, but I also understand why he felt like an a**hole sitting next to her daughter. Because her daughter’s done nothing wrong, asked for none of this sh*t, and is paying her dues. Grown ups-real ones- don’t pick on innocent children, and she obviously is still a nervous, insecure child who has been forced to grow up fast, and in the public limelight, no less. Where the hell is Levy right now? He needs to man up.

  22. Just as a small point, when Mein Kampf was written, books were actually an effective way to communicate. Today Palin has at least one major media channel (Fox) at her beck and call, Facebook, Twitter et al. Who needs to go to all the trouble to write a book to further your political career? Nothing but a publicity stunt, unless you make the best seller list, and then it’s a cash flow. But it’s not an important way to establish yourself in the public eye, especially when you appeal specifically to people who don’t trust secular education.

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