Despite our belief that the Internet demands immediate attention and responses, sometimes things take time. Patience, my little crickets. So maybe it took a year and a half after the 92YTribeca's spoof of the New York Times "Weekender" ads for someone to produce what the New York Post's ad might look like. And that someone was comedian Jordan Carlos. Funny friends here include Dan St. Germain, Chris Grace, Jamie Kilstein and Liz Miele. "It costs less than Skittles!" That maybe one of the new quotes I can use that's not NSFW.

Which means, enjoy!

The full cast: Jordan Carlos, Jesse Ruuttila, Katharine Heller, Lynne Rosenberg, Mary Catherine Green, Matthew Maragno, Chris Grace, Jamie Kilstein, Liz Miele, Wil Petre, Molly Knefel, John Knefel, Dan St. Germain, Sean O'Connor, Charlie Kasov, Jay Nog