Hey, remember three years ago when Pete Karinen and Brian Sacca, aka Pete & Brian, debuted a nine-minute short casting themselves as magazine fact checkers who paid Bill Murray a visit, and then talked to me about it?

In September 2007, Pete told me the idea was to break out the FCU guys as a series, "whether that's a Web series or a TV series. We're also looking into developing it for commercial uses." They've done that now with the debut of the first of eight Webisodes of FCU for NBC.com. The FCU site is live and will post the premiere tomorrow. Kristen Schaal returns as one of their co-workers at the magazine, Dictum. The first episode, "Paranormal Factivity," has the guys visiting with Luke Perry to find out if his house really is haunted.

New episodes will appear on Tuesdays. The rest of the cast includes Jim Connor, Zach Steel, Sara Simmonds, Lillie Sakren, and cameos as themselves by Luke Perry, Donald Faison, Karolina Kurkova, Jon Heder, Dave Navarro, Zach Gilford, Pauley Perrette and Alex Trebek.