Just when you were feeling good about how your comedy career was progressing, here's a reminder that you probably didn't record your second stand-up comedy CD before you turned 20. Bo Burnham — the teen who became a musical comedy star thanks to the YouTube and recorded his first Comedy Central special in August 2008, four days after he turned 18 — is recording his second CD tonight at Carolines on Broadway in NYC.

Boburnham I asked Burnham about it. Here's what he told me earlier today: "It's a lot of music, lot of stand-up – and isn't the biggest clusterfuck in the world."

What more do you need to know? Oh, how about this: In July, Burnham heads on tour to perform at the Just For Laughs festivals in Toronto and Montreal, then across the pond for the Carlsberg festival in Dublin, and the month of August at Edinburgh Fringe.