Ricky Gervais gets the “60 Minutes” treatment

Everyone not on the West Coast may have missed the 60 Minutes profile of Ricky Gervais last night due to late-running football (unless you already were tuned into CBS on Sunday), so here is that, plus some extras from the man who brought us Extras. I could do without Lesley Stahl's pop psychology babble — telling us matter-of-factly that all comedians are dark and angry. Doesn't everyone have a dark and angry memory or part to their personality? Or is everyone on the planet an angel, except for those darned comics? She also gets one thing very wrong: Yes, Gervais became famous off of The Office, which debuted on BBC Two in 2001, but he already had been known in Britain a couple of years earlier with regular YV appearances. It's still a nice thing to say to "late bloomers" because making it big at 40, or even 38, is still comforting (especially to the person writing this right now). Ahem. Anyhow. Roll the clips!

And here are some extras, as promised. You'll see why it's an extra. It's Ricky Gervais visiting the 60 Minutes offices:

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