Although Forbes only categorizes four performers on its 2010 edition of "The Celebrity 100" as comedians, the magazine actually counts 13 comedians on its list of famous people ranked by wealth and power.

Ellen DeGeneres, with $35 million in earnings from her daytime TV show, endorsements and more, was the highest-ranked comedian at #23.

Other comedians, in order of ranking, with their yearly income:

#24, David Letterman, $45 million

#34, Jay Leno, $35 million

#37, Jerry Seinfeld, $75 million

#46, Ben Stiller, $53 million

#51, Conan O'Brien, $38 million

#57, Adam Sandler, $40 million

#78, Steve Carell, $34 million

#84, Ray Romano, $35 million

#90, Tina Fey, $7.5 million

#93, Jeff Dunham, $22 million

#94, George Lopez, $18 million

#98, Chelsea Handler, $19 million

The magazine used other factors, including press attention and social media, to determine the rankings. Forbes also profiles Chelsea Handler in its coverage, and also talks to comedian Aziz Ansari, who wasn't on the list, calling Ansari "the Next Big Thing."