Comedy Central has unveiled a new online plaything of a talk show called Portable Lounge

The portable part means just that, the lounge where comedians talk about this and that and these other things will take place wherever the mood feels right. Chris Gethard, star of Comedy Central's upcoming Big Lake, chats with his UCB comrade and current SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan in a bowling alley in the Bronx. Other shows will beam to you from a butcher shop, barber shop, comic book store and chocolate factory. Comedy Central has yet to reveal which comedians will be chatting it up and when, but promises to give me and you the head's up.

In the lounge, the chat will be broken up into segments such as "Tweet of the Moment," "Delete A Friend" from Facebook, "Non-Sexual Fantasy" and "Whodja Rather." In this clip, Gethard asks Moynihan who he'd rather have as his investment partner in his fantasy business: Chewbacca or Falcor? And in the process, Moynihan will show you his impersonation of Adm. Blackbar that he used to do with Gethard in shows at the UCB. Roll the clip!