I have some good news to share with you regarding Funny or Die, but before you get the good news, I have to deliver the bad news. Which comes to us via James Serafinowicz, brother of Peter, who announced today via his Tumblr that the Funny or Die UK site would be shutting down on Friday, after only 18 months as an Internet destination. He wrote:

It’s been a great 18 months and I feel like we’ve made some really good stuff along the way.

Would really like to thank everyone who watched and supported the content that we were making.

James x

Where are all of the Brits watching their original funny videos, then? YouTube (which celebrates its fifth anniversary this week)? Or somewhere else? What does this say about our Internet habits?

And what does it say that one of the FOD UK exclusive front page videos today is from Pablo Francisco? No, it doesn't mean that we're already deporting our Arizona comedians. But if you'd like to see Francisco's new video, roll it! He's offering personalized voice mails for you Brits (but not Britneys).

Pablo Francisco's Personalized Voicemail System – watch more funny videos