On the road for his North American live theater tour, Conan O'Brien and his crew spent part of their Cinco de Mayo at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., for a YouTube chat with Google's Vic Gundotra (who tried too hard) that showcased O'Brien's talents as a performer and an improviser. During the 48-minute session, O'Brien talked about how the past few months have been such a transformative experience for him, talked about his use of Twitter (and how NBC, among other things they didn't get during this late-night shuffle, may have wanted to shut his Twitter down?), explained to an audience member how Reggie Watts became the perfect fit for his tour as the opening act, let another audience member rub his hair, and brought out Andy Richter to answer a question about Andy Richter. Among the other essential things we learned: Richter apparently never left Conan in the 1990s to become a prime-time star, and even more apparently, he told us that Google's bathrooms have "front-cleansing"?!

Watch the whole thing at your leisure. Contains closed-captioning, and a few choice words of profanity. Roll it!