Obama gets more laughs than Leno at White House Correspondents Dinner. Go figure. (VIDEO)

Remember a few years ago when Stephen Colbert took to the podium at the White House Correspondents Dinner and figuratively eviscerated both President George W. Bush and the media right to their faces with hard-hitting satire? Yeah, as if that's going to happen again any time soon. Which is what the Beltway crowd figured, overreacting the following year by booking old-timey impersonator Rich Little, then course correcting with new American immigrant Craig Ferguson and Wanda Sykes in subesequent years.

Well, they went back to the well last night booking Jay Leno, and even though it reportedly was Leno's fourth time performing at this dinner, it seemed as though he looked lost onstage, reading warily off his cards and getting few laughs. Kind of like his regular monologue! Leno did win a few points, though, with a line about the GOP partying at a lesbian bondage club, hating gay marriage but not minding watching them tie the knot. Maybe Leno should hire President Barack Obama's speechwriters, because he killed going first and even zinged Leno. Here are highlights from both men. First Obama:

Then came Leno (I watched the whole thing; you're better off with highlights, trust me!) "I'm not looking over. Is he laughing?" Not exactly, Jay. Roll it:

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