This week at The Comic's Comic HQ has been quite a blur, dealing with post-festival fatigue and coming down with a fever, so we're playing catch-up yet again. Here's something I apparently missed from Monday night — Dr. Phil showed up as a guest on Late Show with David Letterman and asked him how he was coping with all of the "late-night wars."

Of course, Letterman has loved it, continues to love it and isn't afraid to say so, complete with mocking impersonations of Jay Leno. Letterman first says what some of us have long held, that Leno's attempt to frame himself as "getting screwed" or "cancelled" aren't exactly truthful, then reminds everyone that his relationship with Leno dates back 35 years to 1975. Notice how Letterman is quick to say that Leno was the funniest guy in the room back then, but also had an offstage personality that explains what has made Letterman's blood boil since the earlier Tonight Show shuffle of 1992-1993. Roll the clip.