I remember during the Jude Law episode of Saturday Night Live last month (#35.17), when late in the night, newcomer Nasim Pedrad got to carry a sketch as a precocious kid named Ravish who hosts her own talk-show from inside her living room. Something didn't seem right from the start — not in terms of laughs, but in terms of the set itself. You could see it wobbling and wondered what was up (as I noticed in my original recap of SNL)? Now we know.

The show released this rare behind-the-scenes footage from the commercial break, when it looked as though the set wouldn't be ready in time. You can hear producers and others saying "We're screwed," and scrambling to find a parody — "any parody" — and almost re-air a spoof ad for Cialis. But at the very last second, cast members Fred Armisen, Jenny Slate and Bobby Moynihan take their positions, and when the screen fades to black to start the scene, the audience applauds even more enthusiastically than usual. And this is why there's always something a little more special about going live. The more you know! Roll the clip.