Last year, John Hodgman prompted President Barack Obama to acknowledge his love of Star Trek during a delightfully nerdy speech at the Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner. Last night, no Hodgman, no Obama. But Vice President Joe Biden was there to try to crack wise (let's not go there, shall we?), and comedian Joe Wong was the headlining entertainment.

Wong, still based out of Boston, had his biggest gig ever, after performing twice on Late Show with David Letterman in the past year, as well as multiple appearances on TV courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres. And yet. He remains really an unknown. As Politico demonstrated in this video talking to Dennis Kucinich, Fred Thompson, Geraldo Rivera and other well-known folk on their way into the dinner.

But how did Wong do? All things considering, considering Wong isn't a household name by any means, he did just fine. His biggest laugh lines came from jokes he had honed to perfection previously. But as the cut-aways revealed, he managed to get bipartisan support in terms of smiles and laughs from his jokes about Biden, immigration, citizenship and marriage. So kudos.