Want to see people nude? There’s an app for that. Or is there? (VIDEO)

Ever since I recently made the switch to the iPhone 3GS, I've been even more perceptive of all of the advertising that hits the airwaves both for and against the Apple superphone (thanks, Verizon, for launching the "map" parody spots what seemed like the day after I got my iPhone; and yet, despite that and the oncoming "Droid" phone, I am still in a newlywed phase with my iPhone). There also have been countless parody videos made and uploaded about the iPhone in the past two years, many straight parodies of the Apple TV ads, so I won't belabor you with links to them. But this short video landed in my inbox a few days ago, and it only keeps gaining more viewers on the YouTubes and other Internets. If you ever thought of shelling out the quarters for the X-Ray glasses in the back of a comic book, then you certainly have been waiting your entire life for someone to create a Nude app for the iPhone 3GS. So here that is (and since this is a site about comedy, I hope you're smart enough to know that SPOILER ALERT):

Related: So who is the bald guy? He's a New Yorker who has made short video ads for Serious Eats and Thrillist, as well as capturing the sights and sounds of our subways. His name is Michael Krivicka. And this 2005 short he made appeared on PBS earlier in the year — it's the just the kind of thing that should get you moving at the start of a New York City morning. Which it just so happens to be right now as I post this. Enjoy! (Note: Includes a NYC profanity or two)

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