“I’m No Dummy,” Jeff Dunham: I know a trailer for a ventriloquism documentary when I see one

Does everybody remember way back to last year, when ventriloquist Jeff Dunham went from being a multi-millionaire that the mainstream media didn't seem to know much about, to a multi-millionaire that the media and the people with Internet access couldn't stop reminding us about? Oh, you remember. Turns out someone decided this would be an appropriate time to make a documentary about the world of ventriloquism, and on April 6, 2010, you can watch that documentary from the comfort of wherever you stick your DVDs. Just don't move your lips.

I'm No Dummy features Jeff Johnson, famous for starring as a ventriloquist in the 1970s TV show Soap, as well as Lynn Trefzger. And, oh, yeah, Jeff Dunham. Roll the clip! (Not the lip)

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4 thoughts on ““I’m No Dummy,” Jeff Dunham: I know a trailer for a ventriloquism documentary when I see one

  1. I love Jeff Dunham! This DVD gives such great insight into the world of ventriloquism.

  2. I’m No Dummy is so interesting. It really reeled me into the art of ventriloquism. I’m interested in getting to know and watching performances of the others seen on this DVD. I used to be a childhood fan of Lamb Chop and seeing her on there, with the daughter of the original, Sherri Lewis really fascinated me. I’ve been a fan of ventriloquism my whole life!

  3. I totally agree; this was an awesome ventriloquism documentary. Jeff Dunham, as well as all of the other amazing comedians they interviewed, shared such great information about the in-depth art of venting.

  4. My parents showed me Jeff Dunham and I’ve been a fan ever since. This documentary was very educational and interesting, there were some “vents” that I really hadn’t even considered to be ventriloquists. I especially loved all the clips in the dvd which inspired me to check out some of the great entertainers on the film.

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