Day: March 18, 2010

John Mulaney on SNL, March Madness and headlining his first NYC weekend at Carolines

Georgetown is back in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, and comedian John Mulaney is pulling for his alma mater, albeit from far away, as he's headlining his first New York City club this weekend at Carolines. And even if he'd rather be playing for the Hoyas himself. Do you get into the spirit of it all? "March Madness? Yeah, I didn't get to go see them or do too much, Third Avenue and 20th Street bar-hopping, but I was very happy for Georgetown," Mulaney told me. "I just get jealous for any sports season, whether it's the NCAAs, the World Series, Super Bowl, the Olympics. But I'm such a horrible athlete." Why so jealous, then? "Because I'm horrible at basketball. I still think in my head, I could become a professional athlete if I worked hard enough…but I was so bad at basketball when I was a kid that I feel jealous when I see people who are good at it." Do you fill out brackets at work or with friends? "No, that always confuses me. When people hand me a bracket, it's like they're saying: 'How would you like to be confused for a month?' And I say, OK…" Before we get too far off the track of comedy, here's a short video interview John Mulaney gave last year in which he talked about his influences. And yes,...

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“I’m No Dummy,” Jeff Dunham: I know a trailer for a ventriloquism documentary when I see one

Does everybody remember way back to last year, when ventriloquist Jeff Dunham went from being a multi-millionaire that the mainstream media didn't seem to know much about, to a multi-millionaire that the media and the people with Internet access couldn't stop reminding us about? Oh, you remember. Turns out someone decided this would be an appropriate time to make a documentary about the world of ventriloquism, and on April 6, 2010, you can watch that documentary from the comfort of wherever you stick your DVDs. Just don't move your lips. I'm No Dummy features Jeff Johnson, famous for starring as a ventriloquist in the 1970s TV show Soap, as well as Lynn Trefzger. And, oh, yeah, Jeff Dunham. Roll the clip! (Not the...

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March Madness pick ’em: 12 Angry Mascots vs. (5) Nick Swardson

Another three weekends of March Madness have begun anew, as the NCAA men's and women's basketball tourneys are underway (alongside the NIT and the CBI, which I'm still adjusting to acknowledge as an actual thing). Comedians have gotten into the act again, too. Nick Swardson, who has a sketch show in the works for Comedy Central, starred in a series of short videos for VitaminWater, offering tips on surviving March Madness, with co-stars such as Katrina Bowden (hot young actress you still don't really know anything about from 30 Rock) and Kevin Farley (who, well, brother of late Chris Farley). Let's roll two of these. Meanwhile, NYC-based sports-based comedy-based troupe 12 Angry Mascots produced their own version of the mind games that take over offices when co-workers fill out their brackets. Their next live show is March 28 at Comix. Roll...

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Amy Schumer asks comics at the Cellar to promote her Comedy Central 1/2-hour: What happens next

Amy Schumer made it pretty far on Last Comic Standing a few years ago, and in a few weeks, she'll have her first Comedy Central Presents on the TV. So she decided to hit up her fellow stand-up comedians at the Comedy Cellar in NYC for some testimonials. Should be great, right? Of course, it quickly becomes a sequel to Seinfeld's Comedian, with Colin Quinn, Jim Norton, Darrell Hammond and Jessica Kirson talking smack about her. "Doesn't every comedian have a special now?" Indeed. Schumer gets some outside help from Nick Thune (who already has a Comedy Central Presents and more to his credit), and if you're on the sidewalk in front of the Cellar, of course, there will be a moment with Ardie Fuqua. Of course. Don't worry, none of these are really spoiler alerts. Roll...

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Showtime schedules a debut date for The Green Room with Paul Provenza: June 10, 2010

Have you felt like you wanted to experience Paul Provenza's live late-night chat sessions with famous comedians at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival but never had the know-how to get a ticket for it? Well, starting this June, you'll be able to peek behind this proverbial curtain, as Showtime debuts a six-episode order of The Green Room with Paul Provenza. The series will bow at 10:30 p.m. Thursdays (Eastern/Pacific), beginning June 10 in a block following the eighth season of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (Does anyone outside of Penn and Teller recognize that this show has been on the air this long? Should we all start paying attention now?) Guests sitting down for roundtable discussions about all things funny will include: Roseanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard, Brendon Burns, Drew Carey, Andy Dick, Dana Gould, Reginald D. Hunter, Eddie Izzard, Jim Jefferies, Penn Jillette, Andy Kindler, Robert Klein, Larry Miller, Paul Mooney, Martin Mull, Patrice Oneal, Rick Overton, Rain Pryor, Bob Saget, Bobby Slayton, Tommy Smothers and Jonathan Winters. Before we get into all of that, how about we see Provenza himself talk about comedy for an hour? He did just that in Chicago recently, and you can view that at your leisure, as he discusses crossing the line in comedy, whether it was his own documentary, The Aristocrats, the work of Sacha Baron Cohen, or others. Roll...

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